Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Peeps Marshmallow Pumpkins

Hi everybody! we have yet another Halloween themed treat, Peeps Marshmallow Pumpkins! :D

Peeps tends to have some form of festive mallow come whatever season, especially Easter, Halloween and Christmas. I'm quite a fan of their minty Christmas mallows but I decided to give these a go this time because well, why not.

They were going for RM 3.99, arguably the cheapest treat available this year at Cold Storage.

There was another variant available going for RM 12.99 that had the more iconic peep chicks that also had a milk chocolate coating. I gave it a pass because they looked too big plus 12+ Ringgit for just three birds was just too expensive for my liking.

I have to admit they do look fairly festive with their milk chocolate jack-o-lantern faces, orange colour and slightly-pumpkin-esque shape. Could have done better with the shapes but what can you do when they're all stuck together.

You get eight pieces so that's relative bang for buck in terms of quantity.

As far as taste goes, the mallows tasted like very soft marshmallows that weren't too sweet which I liked. Not too fond of the coloured sugar coating though, as it just made it feel weird and crunchy without contributing to the flavour whatsoever. The mallows are also relatively sticky so when I attempted to pull them apart they distorted a lot, and they tend to stick to things so I probably would eat them straight out of the box or toss one in a cup of hot chocolate or something.

They look more like disgruntled hearts than pumpkins
Spire sez: Considering they're just marshmallows dusted in coloured sugar, they're none too special everything considered. They barely look like pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns and taste wise they're a little on the boring side but it doesn't deviate too far from what a regular Peep tastes like. They make reasonably cheap treats though.

Spire's Ratings
Flavor: 3/5
Price: 4/5
DIY level: Nonexistant
Fun: Nonexistant

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cadbury Screame Egg

Hi everyone, Spire here with the obligatory Halloween candy posting ^_^

Around Halloween, we do get a lot of imported candies for the holiday, though we don't exactly celebrate it in it's essence. As usual I went hunting around but since I was on a budget I only picked up a couple of items as opposed to the bigger range of stuff I get to try year after year. Here's the rather famous Cadbury Screme egg. It was going for RM 5.99 a piece (yikes!) but this is a very popular treat (so I hear) so I had to give it a go.

This is what it looks like after you peel off the crinkly metal shell. Because I was worried that it would get too melty to handle due to the hot weather, I had popped it in the fridge for an hour before cracking it open.

Wrapper off, it looks pretty much the same as any regular Cadbury creme egg.
When you get inside however is where you get the fun green festive 'goo' that makes this quite a Halloween treat. The taste and consistency is the same as any regular old Creme egg but it's a nice tie in to the holiday.
As far as the taste goes, you can't go wrong with the chocolate and the filling while tasty, I find it crazy sweet. Like I'll go into a diabetic coma level of sweet. It looks cool as hell though.

Spire sezIt's really cool that you get greenish goo spilling out of it but I have to say it was entirely too sweet for me to eat in one sitting. It wasn't too bad cold (because I'm a freak who likes cold chocolate) but I think I'll stick to just having this twice a year at Easter and at Halloween ^^;

Spire's Ratings
Flavor: 4/5
Price: 2/5
DIY level: Nonexistant
Fun: Ugh, too sweet x_x

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Magnum GOLD?! ice cream

Spire here, and this a quick one this time.
Because ice cream waits for no one!
Magnum Gold is pretty much a limited edition flavour as far as Magnum goes, and while the event period is on you can basically find it at any 7-11 and participating grocery store.

Aside from the weird(ish) outer coating and associated contest, this is a deviancy from the usual classy Magnum branding for the ice cream company. The contests are still going on today if you're interested in checking them out.

Out of the wrapper, the outer shell is a canary yellow and is a tad crispier than normal.

On it's own, it pretty much tasted the same as a regular 'original' Magnum but with lashings of caramel (which I barely tasted and aren't really that visible to be honest) and a crispy candy shell outside the chocolate that snaps as you bite into it. Makes me think of a softer M&M coating on a Magnum.
It melted so fast I barely had time to enjoy it T_T
Pricing isn't cheap either at RM 4.50 a pop which is considered very premium as far as ice cream goes.

It is however exceptionally melty, even more so than a regular Magnum I fee. Isn't too different in taste but the outer shell is pretty novel. Can't go wrong with the chocolate and vanilla but I was expecting more out of this.

Spire sezI feel it's more of a novelty thing rather than a proper new flavour for the brand. I don't know if it'll continue to be in production after the event time but it's not bad but not fantastic either.

Spire's Ratings
Flavor: 4/5
Price: 3/5
DIY level: Nonexistant

Fun: Crunchy!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Crispy Mint M&Ms

Hi again!

Since it's now Summertime lets talk about another summer treat I got from Japan when I last visited. 

Mint treats are quite a hit during the summer time, with lots of different candies and treats featuring mint and their other cooling derivative flavours. I can't entirely remember the price but it's somewhere between 100-200 yen.
Of course you can find these year around in some countries, but I've yet to find this combination around here and that makes me sad. Because I love any and all things mint. But I have been seeing more M&M flavours pop up around these parts so maybe we will actually get some mint flavoured ones eventually ;)

The M&Ms themselves look like your bog standard crispy M&Ms, significantly larger than the regular chocolate ones and comes in shades of white, dark and light green. These unfortunately cracked because we're experiencing a heat wave and my candy took a bit of damage =\
They're nice and crunchy (but not like a malteaser, those are much tougher) but with a strong cool mint flavour from the moment it hits your tongue. The crisp is very slightly salty, the middle of it is green.

The chocolate however is not unlike what you get in a regular M&M, though they taste less sweet. The cooling effect is restricted to mainly the shell alone so it doesn't permeate the entire candy.

Spire sezIt's a cool candy (pun intended) which I wouldn't mind getting again (imagine it as an ice cream topping!) but I've yet to see it a 2nd time.
Spire's Ratings
Flavor: 4/5
Price: 4/5
DIY level: Nonexistant
Fun: Damn that's tasty!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Choc Goji Milk Chocolate Wolfberries

Hi everyone!

I came back from a trip to Singapore recently and I found something a little out of the ordinary while visiting a supermarket in Vivo city!

Chocolate coated Goji berries!
 It's advertised as one of those 'healthy snacks' you can have without the guilt or remorse of having a helping of chocolate and tastes good too. However I find goji berries and chocolate to be a rather odd combination, but I had to give them a try. There was a dark chocolate version available too at the same price.
It's fairly costly at about 4SGD a pack (that's about RM10 give or take) but it claims to give you tons of vitamin C and antioxidants so that counts for something right..?

I don't have images of the candies themselves (because I was dumb and forgot to take them), but they roughly look like chocolate coated sunflower seeds. The outer coating of chocolate is fairly thick and the goji berry inside is quite squishy and juicy.

Spire sezI can't entirely say I liked them that much, because the goji berries had a rather strong flavour that was a bit sour and herbal-like. The chocolate didn't help mask it that much but I found them pleasant enough to eat maybe once in awhile. Not a taste for me but it's still a fairly exotic choice if you like health stuff. 

Spire's Ratings
Flavor: 3/5
Price: 3/5
DIY level: Nonexistant
Fun: Nonexistant